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Logos | Corporate stationery | Business cards


Postings | Content generation | Campaigns


Poster| Folder | Banner


Website (Creation / Assembly / Update) | Mailing


Bags | Labels | Boxes


Books | Photobooks | Magazines | Fundraising projects

How does it work?


At this stage, the project briefing and estimated quotation are elaborated.


After the estimated quotation approval, it is required a minimum deposit of 50%* of the agreed costs.


At this stage, a proposal of the project layout is presented.


After sending the project proposal, the customer has to analyze if it will be approved or not. At this stage, adjustments are also made until the project is finally approved.


After the approval and the payment (the final 50% of the agreed costs), the complete project will be sent to the customer.

Frequently asked questions:

Are those five stages strictly followed?

No. Some customers I work with monthly payment, parcel out payment, or even 100% payment at the time of the delivery, but the best thing is to not jump stages. This way the customer gets to know what I do, and I can get to know your company more securely.

What if I don’t like it?

And we have a winner! This question is asked a lot. Look, this line of work is not the same thing as to choose a cake on display at a bakery shop. What I do is a “building” process. Before anything, I will understand really well what you need and what you want (yes, these are two different things), just then I will start drafting. I might not hit the mark at first, it happens, and the customer has every right to say they did not like it (enter the adjustments). If we talk and reach a common ground, I will explain everything that needs to be explained, but I will never impose the customer to approve a project they did not like – the company is theirs after all.

How many adjustments are possible?

It varies according to each project. Usually, I stablish four adjustments, because if after the fourth adjustment I still did not reach the customer’s expectations, then I probably will not be able to help anymore. After 13 years, that happened once, though. In general, only two major changes are needed, and the rest is completed by only a few minor adjustments.

How long do I have to wait for the complete project?

It also varies a lot, because it all depends on the complexity of the project. For example: “I want a simple banner and the idea is ready!” Was the image already handled? Was the text revised? Do you need adjustments to a lot of text to only a few images, or a lot of images to small texts? Will it be printed? Digital? Are there other projects in my agenda? Every design is singular; first, I will analyze everything that needs to be done, then I will give the customer a deadline.

Do you want know more?

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